Invisible Women | Addressing The Intersection Of Pay And Racism In The Workplace


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Imagine a world where black women are only paid 58 cents per every dollar paid to white men. Imagine a world where black women are required to work an extra 214 days per year to earn the same as their white counterparts. Imagine living in a world where black women did not realize equity in pay regardless of their job type, education, or years of experience. Welcome to the reality of Invisible Women.

Invisible Women: Addressing The Intersection of Pay and Racism in The Workplace chronicles the who, what, when, where, how, and why of two Corporate Senior Leaders subjected to the gender pay gap for black women, in a microcosm of systems and infrastructures largely constructed for the success of and by men. This book dives beneath the surface to uncover startling statistics about the gender pay gap for black women and serves as proof of the continual construction of systemic entities that lack regard for black women in the workplace. Gaps in knowledge, false documentation of processes and procedures, a lack of attention to history, and bias are all contributing factors that result in long-lasting negative effects on the lives of black women. Invisible Women was written with a mission to ignite meaningful conversations that lead to generational change and increased accountability that forces equity in pay for black women.